In order to maintain the value of your carpet and guarantee it a long service life, it is important to vacuum it daily or regularly. Superficial dirt such as dust particles or animal hair can be easily removed if it has not yet become too deeply embedded in the fabric. It is important to ensure that the vacuum cleaner is used without the brush attachment so as not to damage the fibers. Long-pile carpets must be shaken out and beaten regularly.

It is important that the carpet is treated immediately after it has been soiled. When cleaning, a white cloth should generally be used and the surfaces should be dabbed and not rubbed. This process must be repeated until the stain is no longer visible. In addition, not too much water should be used when cleaning - this applies in particular to viscose and sisal carpets. Too much water can cause deformation or water stains.

Before cleaning, you should first try out an inconspicuous area of the carpet to see whether the selected method is suitable. Discoloration or fading may occur on some carpets. In addition, it must always be treated from the outside in, i.e. from the edge of the stain to the middle.





Carpets made of viscose should be treated with care. Do not use a hard brush to remove stains. Viscose carpets are very sensitive to too much water. For this reason, it is important to ensure that little water is used when cleaning, otherwise there is a risk that the carpet will become deformed and water stains will appear.

Polypropylene, polyester, acrylic

Carpets made of polypropylene, polyester and acrylic are very dirt-resistant and easy to care for. Because of this property, they can be used anywhere in the home. Synthetic fiber rugs should not be machine washed. Too much water can cause tangles. In addition, carpets made of synthetic fibers do not tolerate heat.


Wool rugs are dirt-repellent and flame retardant. They also have a robust, yet soft and elastic structure. It is important that wool carpets are not cleaned with soapy water, as this could damage the fibres. After cleaning, the carpet must be dried immediately to avoid mold growth.